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Hand-knotted Vintage Viss Rug, 6’11″x5’5″, Code:1164

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Viss  is a town located in the Central District of Khansar County in Isfahan Province, Iran, which is known for producing Vist rugs, also referred to as Vist, Vis, or Wiss. Despite its small size, Vist has a diverse population of both urban and nomadic people, including the Bakhtiari tribe, who have influenced the weaving of wool rugs in the area.

Due to the largely nomadic population, Vist rugs predominantly feature geometric designs, which are indicative of tribal rugs. The weavers in this region use a Turkish symmetrical knot and a single shot of weft between the rows of knots in their wool rugs, which are woven with extremely thick and durable wool piles colored with natural vegetable dyes. The foundation of the rug is usually cotton, and silk is rarely used.

The dominant colors used in Vist rugs are dark red, khaki, light blue, dark blue, and ivory, all created from local vegetation. These colors are typically placed in an open field of solid red, with navy used for the borders and hints of beige throughout.

The most distinctive feature of Vist rugs is the unique center medallion, which is a rounded seven-sided geometric shape with a pair of jewel-like shapes at either end. This design is often showcased on a red background with a large and intricate border. Other common design elements in Vist rugs include the Herati motif, small animal figures, and garden designs, which are all variations of designs found in neighboring villages.

Vist carpets became popular in Europe during the second quarter of the twentieth century as an alternative to the Heriz weavings of northwestern Iran, due to their tribal design elements and room-size geometry. These mid-size wool rugs have the potential to last for centuries and can add a look of polished elegance to any room in the home.


The Pile material is 100% natural fine wool and the foundation is made of natural cotton.

Dimensions: 6’11″x5’5″ – 210×165 cm

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