About Me!

Hi, my name is Sara, I am a mum originally from Iran . I was an interior designer and architect in my country. I love different kinds of arts and designs and I used to make some kind of them.

I love hand-knotted rugs and their knitters, they spend a huge amount of time and effort to make a lot of knots to create these art pieces. Supporting these people was always my passion. So I decided to start a small business to sell rugs here in Canada. my rugs mostly belong to rural people and most of the weavers are women.

I think this art is so qualified to be seen all over the world, find a new home and make great memories with them.

I am not a powerful businesswoman so my support might not make a huge difference in their lives but I want to try my best and off course I need your support too.

I will be so glad if you choose my rugs to make your home warmer and cozier for your family.

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