Gabbeh Rugs

In this post, we are going to introduce Gabbeh rugs. Gabbeh carpet has different types that knowing it will make you a successful purchase.

What is Gabbeh carpet?
Like carpet weaving, the Gabbeh carpet is a sort of rug with a lot of creative value, which is why it currently has innumerable admirers all over the world. According to some academics, the rug’s thickness and use as protection from many elements, including cold, are the reasons it was given the name “Gabbeh.”
Because early humans initially used the skins of various animals as their mats and eventually developed the first warp and weft mats from domestic animal wool, it is possible to say that the origin and manufacturing of Gabbeh may be traced back to that period in human history. Their name is Gabbeh.

What are the specifications of Gabbeh rugs?
One of the primary differences between a Gabbeh and a carpet or rug can be seen in elements like size, the pile height, which can occasionally reach one centimeter, and the number of wefts utilized, which naturally affects how soft a Gabbeh is.
Because there is no plan in the texture of this underlayment and every weaver has everything in mind, one of the reasons gabbehs may be found in various styles and patterns is the traditional and mental role-playing of its weavers. It can be asserted with confidence that if you combine millions of Gabbeh, it is currently being implemented.
Although there is no set design for the Gabbeh rugs, it can be claimed that the “Kam” design performs one of the primary roles in Iranian Gabbeh. The local phrase “low” actually consists of a square that is rectangular and a row of rhombuses that are joined to one another at their vertices in the center.
Early gabbehs were typically plain and without a purpose because they were made for individual wants and uses, but as this product became more widely used and was commercialized, its weavers became more inspired by things like nature, and their hopes, and desires to create different designs. They attacked.
These wools were frequently in the natural hues of black, white, and gray, which were used according to the weaver’s spirit.
This means that the fleece used in their weaving was used without deterioration. For instance, the weaver would use more white when he was in a good mood and more black when he was upset.
As time went on, weavers began to use natural and plant colors to produce increasingly vibrant and variegated gabbehs. To speed up the process of weaving gabbehs, wool is now colored using chemical dyes.

Does gabbeh worth buying?
Gabbehs are the ideal option to bring variety to home décor and make it more unique and beautiful. Gabbehs with contemporary designs goes better with contemporary styles, whereas gabbehs with traditional designs, like bushes and so forth, go better with classic styles.
Antique Gabbeh can be paired with modern furniture to create a stunning and coordinated interior.
Gabbeh is one of the most resilient rug types, and the finest varieties last for many years without losing their allure or beauty.
The patterns and motifs on Gabbeh weavers are primarily geometric designs, and they are frequently the weavers’ mental creations. This implies that the weaver begins the piece without any prepared patterns and draws inspiration from the surroundings and nature.
They’re motivated to make patterns. This distinguishes Gabbeh’s beauty from other knitting-related crafts. It should be noted, of course, that pre-designed designs and plans are sometimes used nowadays, with generally positive results and the right to challenge the interests of the younger generation.

Check how to buy and Gabbeh price
The Qashqai tribes of Iran have a long history of Gabbeh weaving, and even now, Qashqai Gabbeh is still among the top quality Gabbeh produced in the nation.
It has become possible to better comprehend what subjects on the psyche or concepts that are in the minds of weavers to manufacture gabbeh thanks to the usage of local and traditional symbols of these people as well as the development of extremely beautiful images with a special design.For this reason, the price of Gabbeh may seem a bit high. However, it should be said that Gabbeh is usually cheaper than other hand-woven rugs.
On the other hand, Gabbeh Qashqai’s quality is extremely good due to the use of premium sheep wool, which is colored using natural colors, and this has raised Gabbeh Qashqai’s appeal among consumers.
The Qashqai people used to sell manufactured items as well as their purchases in Shiraz, making the Qashqai Gabbeh there one of the most well-known Gabbehs in all of Iran.
Shiraz is on the route to the Qashqai nomads’ summer, and since there are sizable marketplaces there and a lot of people from all over the world visit this city, there is a fantastic potential to sell and offer industries. Iran’s traditional hand is comparable to Gabbeh Qashqai.

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