Are you wondering how should you choose a good quality rug? Choosing a good-quality rug can be a challenge for most of us, as long as they play an important role in our home decoration and even our health, especially when it comes to choosing a hand-knotted, it requires a little bit of knowledge. I am going to tell you easy and quick secrets to help you choose a good quality hand-knotted rug.

  • Touch the rug

Most of the time hand-knotted rugs have woollen piles, good quality wool is always soft, especially if you are buying a high pile rug like Heriz rugs. Wools from different races and even different times of picking have different qualities (softness and durability). The best time for picking wools is springtime.

Some hand-knotted rugs also have silk piles too. They are more expensive as silk is a more expensive material than wool. Silk also is a bit rougher than wool. You should know good quality silk always shines beautifully.

  • Check the warp by Pulling fringe

The pile is always knotted on the wraps so they are the foundation of the rug and have to be healthy and strong. You can check the wraps by pulling the fringe yarns with medium pressure. If it is torn, it’s a bad sign.

  • Pay attention to the rug fringe

Don’t forget to check if the Rug fringe is the original one or not. Sometimes they attach a new one later and so If you saw a sign of attachment, they must have been added later and this is not a good sign.

Some rugs have kilim weaving in the beginning and finishing part of the rug, which strengthens the knots and keeps the fringe healthy for a longer time and these rugs will last for generations.

You can check every hand-knotted rug with these simple three techniques.

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