We love animals and most people like to keep them as a pet in their homes and take care of them in the best possible way. We should think twice about buying everything for our home if we have pets. Rugs are so important because our four-legged friends are in close interaction with them all the time so there are a couple of things we have to consider if we want to have a pet-friendly and cozy home.

  • Which materials are pet-friendly and why?

Of course, rugs are playing an important role in our home decor and also in the health of our pets. There are a couple of aspects of rugs that can affect the health of our pets. No matter what kind of rug you have or you are going to buy, rugs are made of threads, and threads are made from thousands of fibres. these fibres can be separated from your rug and simply enter your or your pet’s body by breathing. If your rug is made of organic materials such as wool, silk, or cotton it doesn’t cause any problems but machine-made rugs are mostly made of synthetic yarns like polyester that are dangerous for health and can cause many problems like digestive problems. However, wool has a self-cleaning effect that even inhibits the growth of some bacterias.

Another thing that makes some machine-made rugs dangerous is the glue. Glue is used to fix yarns that mostly is visible behind the rug. After a while the glue will be expired, it will turn into powder and the powder can go everywhere, somehow enter your pet’s body. Hand-made or hand-knotted rugs don’t have any glue and some of them are even dyed with natural colours, so they are pretty safe for your pets.

So the most pet-friendly materials are natural materials like wool, silk, and cotton and wool is the best, because of the self-cleaning effect. Handknotted Persian rugs are mostly made of wool, warp and weft or wool on wool, wool on cotton, and wool on silk.

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In the next article, I want to describe how to keep your hand-knotted rug clean and beautiful.

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