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Hand-knotted Vintage Shiraz Rug, 9’1″x5’1″, Code:1100

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This is an antique Shiraz rug with amazing sharp red colour that is shining after all these years. Motifs imitate Qashqai, Khamseh (Basseri and Khamseh Arabs), Afshar, Abadeh, and Luri designs since they tend to come from established tribal weavers. In this carpet Persian (asymmetrical) knot is used with a coarser knot than Qashqai and Abadeh rugs, which have both finer knots. Cyrus’ white horse can be seen on this carpet. Only the Shiraz carpet features nightingales, which are represented as angular-shaped birds. These birds are thought to represent pleasure and satisfaction. It’s a true art piece and completely a unique one. Don’t miss the chance of having this unique art in your home.

The material is 100% natural fine wool.

Dimensions: 9’1″x5’1″ – 276×156 cm


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