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Hand-knotted Vintage Qarajeh Runner, 9’3″x2’4″, Code:1074

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This vintage Qarajeh runner rug is a fine example of traditional Persian craftsmanship. Hand-knotted from high-quality wool, it features a series of intricate geometric patterns, characteristic of rugs from the Qarajeh region in northwestern Iran. The rug’s design is dominated by a central row of medallions in shades of deep red, complemented by accents of blue, ivory, and black.

The borders of the rug are adorned with complementary geometric motifs, framed by intricate guard borders, adding to the overall visual appeal. The use of natural dyes gives the rug its rich and vibrant colours, which remain steadfast over time.

Ideal for hallways, entryways, or narrow spaces, this runner rug brings a touch of elegance and cultural heritage to any home. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it suitable for high-traffic areas. Enhance your space with this beautiful and unique vintage Qarajeh runner rug, and enjoy a piece of Persian history and artistry.


The Pile material is 100% natural fine wool and the foundation is made of natural cotton.

Dimensions: 9’3″x2’4″ – 283×72 cm

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