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Hand-knotted Vintage Turkman, 5’11″x4’10”, Code:1014

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The Turkmen people, who reside in the northern and northeastern regions of Iran, have a long history of carpet-making dating back to ancient times. The rugs they produce are easily recognizable for their use of dark red and the frequent use of blue, black, and ivory patterns. Their wool is known for being both soft and durable, and the pile is usually cut to be thin. Due to their nomadic lifestyle, the rugs they make tend to be smaller to medium-sized, and it is rare to find large Turkmen carpets. The knots per square inch (KPSI) are usually between 20 and 120 but can be higher in older and finer examples. Turkmen rugs are considered to be the best among all tribal rugs.

The material is 100% natural fine wool.

Dimensions: 5’11″x4’10” – 180×147 cm


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