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Hand-knotted Antique Sirjan Rug, 6’6″x4’11”, Code:1179

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Sirjan rugs are handcrafted tribal rugs that are made in the Sirjan district, located in the Fars province. These rugs have a simple design that appeals to those who prefer less busy and intricate rugs. Despite their simplicity, the themes of these rugs are sophisticated and not primitive. Along with geometric motifs, small animals or plants are often woven into the rugs. These rugs are visually striking and can enhance the look of any room while also providing warmth.

Sirjan rugs are hand-woven with symmetrical Turkish knots up to a density of 100 knots per square inch using strong and durable cotton or goat hair for the wrap and weft structure. The pile of the rugs is made of lustrous and fine wool that has been shorn from local sheep and colored with natural vegetable and root dyes. The weavers use bright and lively colors to add enchantment to their plain homes. Each rug is a unique and priceless treasure that takes months to complete. No two rugs are identical as each rug is a self-expression of the individual weaver without using any paper design or blueprint. This is what makes Sirjan rugs so special and unique.

The Pile material is 100% natural fine wool and the foundation is made of natural cotton.

Dimensions: 6’6″x4’11” – 197×150 cm


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