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Hand-knotted Nahavand Area Rug, 10’1″x5’2″, Code:1153

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The Nahavand rug is a hand-woven, Persian tribal rug that originates from the village of Nahavand in Northwestern Iran, located north of the town of Hamedan. Typically, these rugs are about 5 feet by 8 feet in size as the weavers use simple horizontal looms on the ground, making it difficult to construct larger rugs. They feature a variety of designs, including floral spray and geometric patterns, often in a rust or reddish salmon color. The wool used to weave Nahavand rugs is of exceptional quality, producing a thick, soft, and lustrous pile that always shines under light. Many of these rugs are soft enough for a baby to sleep on, making them a unique and one-of-a-kind addition to any household.

Nahavand rugs are just one type of tribal rug produced in the region surrounding Hamadan, an ancient Persian city located at a high altitude in the rugged mountainous area of northwestern Iran. This area has a rich history that dates back many centuries and is home to countless villages and districts that produce a significant portion of the tribal rugs in Iran. Some of these areas include Chenar, Derjazin, Hussainabad, Nahavand, and the Kurdish districts of Khamseh, among others, which are situated between Arak and Hamedan. These rugs are marketed within the city of Hamedan, where there are clear traces of Kurdish and some Turkish influence on the people of the province. Despite foreign invasions, the people of Hamedan have managed to maintain their precious talent of rug weaving for several centuries.

The construction of Nahavand rugs involves entirely handmade techniques, with the pile made from wool and the colors mainly using natural vegetable dyes. Silk is rarely used in rugs from this region, and the foundation of the rug is usually cotton, with goat hair used in some cases. The patterns of Nahavand rugs are typically simple Geometric patterns with vibrant primary colors, and sometimes feature small animals or garden elements, or the famous Herati design. These rugs are of high quality and known to last surprisingly long periods of time.

The Pile material is 100% natural fine wool and the foundation is made of natural cotton.

Dimensions: 10’1″x5’2″ – 308×157 cm

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