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Hand-knotted Vintage Heriz Area Rug, 10’10″x7’3, Code:1112

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Heriz carpets or rugs, also known as Heriz carpets or rugs, are traditional rural rugs made in the Heriz region in the northeastern Azerbaijan province of northwest Iran. Heriz carpets are made from high-quality wool produced from the farm animals kept by the inhabitants of this cold climate. Rug weaving has long been a tradition in Heriz and is an important source of income for many families. The long winters in Heriz also make rug weaving an ideal indoor activity during the colder months. The construction of Heriz rugs is entirely by hand and does not rely on modern technology.  In terms of design, most Heriz rugs feature a large central medallion within a lighter field, and the main color scheme is usually some shade of rust. The most common patterns in Goravan carpets are geometric patterns and designs. The pile of Heriz rugs is deep and robust, and the themes are not too overwhelming.

The most popular colors in Heriz rugs are dark navy, deep brown, Ronasi red, copper, and dark green. Heriz rugs are often larger in size, but smaller pieces are also available. Regardless of size, Heriz Persian rugs are an excellent investment and will remain beautiful for an indefinite amount of time.

In conclusion, Heriz area rugs are a symbol of traditional craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Their rich history, unique designs, and high-quality materials make them an ideal choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and warmth to their home. Whether used in a large living room, dining room, or study, Heriz rugs will provide a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere that is sure to impress.


The Pile material is 100% natural fine wool and the foundation is made of natural cotton.

Dimensions10’10″x7’3″ – 330×220 cm


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