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Hand-knotted Joshaghan Area Rug, 10’11″x7’8″, Code:1135

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Joshaghan, whose original name was Kushkan, is located 100 kilometers northwest of Isfahan and 130 kilometers south of Kashan. The city is located in the Vorgān mountain range, which is an area with a pleasant climate and is also known as the Joshaghan carpet.

Some features of Joshaghan rugs

Design and pattern: The pattern of Joshaghan’s carpet is relatively beautiful and different from the fabrics of other weaving centers, which is why carpet lovers recognize it with one look. Despite the close connection between weaving centers, the design and pattern of these carpets have changed less. Features of Joshaghan’s carpet include peony designs, flowers, various shapes and geometries, bright lattice borders, crazy hands, and flower motifs in peony and square shapes. The design and pattern of Jushkan are also woven in carpets from Tabriz, Heris, Hamadan, Arak, and other places. The general motifs are mostly made of lattice and flower patterns and include local special motifs such as shah Abbasi designs.

Color: The color in the patterns and motifs of Joshaghan’s carpet is different because the pattern of these carpets is detailed and dense. The colors of these carpets were somewhat botanical and made from color dyes such as yellow leaves and pomegranate.

Fabric and design: The pattern is relatively tall, with a Persian knot, double knot, and elegant fabric design, which are characteristics of Mashhad cloth patterns. Most of the Mashhad cloth patterns are made in sizes of 1.5 meters, 2 meters, and also 12-meter cloth patterns. The workmanship of the fabrics from this region is notable for their solid, durable, and authentic design.

Raw materials: The cotton is imported from central cities such as Isfahan, and the silk is either locally sourced from local goats or imported.

Mashhad and important carpet weaving centers. This city has been a center of carpet weaving since the Safavid era, i.e., the 10th century. Mimeh, Naserabad, and Abouzeidabad are also recognized in carpet weaving from this center. The design and pattern of Mimeh cloth are more elegant than the workmanship of other mentioned areas, and these fabrics are in the size of cloth patterns and have short piles.

The Pile material is 100% natural fine wool and the foundation is made of natural cotton.

Dimensions: 10’11″x7’8″ – 333×233 cm


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