One day Moein, my husband, asked: why you chose to sell rugs? I didn’t know really why?!

After changing my field from geomatics to Interior design and then continue studying architecture as a master, what really happened to me?

After thinking a lot I realized the reason so let me tell you about my story.

I like my country like everyone. We have a rich and old culture that came back thousands of years ago. Like everyone, we need and have something to be proud of that especially in hard situations. That thing for us is our history and culture and the most significant thing that hardly engaged in our culture is the Persian rug or Persian carpet. It isn’t Like many historical properties that almost made by men, from the first day it was made by men and women together so it’s the perfect piece of culture. I think I need to keep my connection to my country, my culture and roots so I chose to be with Persian rugs.

My dad’s families are from Kashan, one of the important and famous cities for Persian rugs. My aunts and some of my cousins have been made rugs in their homes, while they taking care of their families, raising their children. The loom spent days and months there until the nice valuable rug was made. In lots of towns or villages, patterns are coming from weavers mind, they have their regional traditional patterns and style but they changing it based on their life, their age and their personality. You can see the most important things in their lives in their rugs, animals, flowers, patterns that they believe can bring you wealth (like pomegranate)or can protect you (like the cross pattern). Think about two women, who are weavers in the same town, one young, in love and full of hope to reach her love and make a new family. The other one is older, along with her partner after their children’s departure, maybe really far from them to another country and will be grandparents soon. Do you think both rugs will be the same?! Of course not!

I think these rugs are so authentic and so valuable, they can bring lots of positive energy to our families and make us joyful each time we put our feet on them or watching them as a beautiful piece in our home decoration. They aren’t perfect, maybe some parts have lighter colour or darker, maybe the center pattern(Toranj) wasn’t exactly in the center and maybe it wasn’t symmetric or have some problems in the pattern as a human-made them with all of his/her soul and non of us arent perfect!  but they are still lovely and valuable like all of us.