Hand-knotted Vintage Shiraz Neutral Rug ,6’0″x2’11”, Code 1038


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Discover the timeless elegance of our vintage Shiraz wool rug, crafted from undyed natural wool for an authentic, earthy appeal. This exquisite piece features a series of rich brown diamond medallions set against a warm beige background, embodying the pure essence of traditional rug-making. Intricate geometric patterns and detailed borders frame the central design, showcasing the artistry and skill of its creator. Each knot and weave speaks to a storied past, while the short, well-preserved fringe edges hint at the rug's meticulous care over the years. Perfect for adding a touch of organic sophistication to any space, this Shiraz rug is a testament to the beauty of natural materials and classic craftsmanship.

The rug is made of 100% natural fine undyed wool

Dimensions: 6'0"x2'11" - 183x90 cm



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