Hand-knotted Semnan, Sorkheh Rug


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Semnan rugs are highly sought-after for their superb craftsmanship and intricate designs. They are made in the city of Semnan, located on a plain on the southern edge of the Alborz Mountains between Tehran and Mashad. Despite the city's small population, the production of these rugs is limited, leading to high demand, particularly among collectors. The rugs are made using the Persian asymmetrical knot and are finely woven with thick wool strands by skilled artisans. They typically feature floral designs, often with red and blue backgrounds, and traditional Shah Abbas motifs such as palmette, leaf, and vine. The rugs range in size from small to room-sized and are known for their durability and tight weave. Some Semnan weavers in the late 20th century began to create rugs with similar designs to those from other regions in Iran to meet the demand of domestic and foreign export consumers.
This is in great condition with a medium almost high pile and will last for decades and makes lots of memories for you and yours.

Pile material is 100% made of natural wool, the foundation is made of natural cotton.

Dimensions: 7'11"x4'10" - 242x148 cm



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