Hand-knotted Borujerd Rug


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Boroujerd, situated in the western province of Lorestan, Iran, is a district where the renowned Lori tribal rugs are woven. However, the Boroujerd rugs bear more similarity to Malayer rugs than Lori ones. These rugs commonly feature the Boteh motif, which is a well-known Persian rug pattern, in an all-over design. Woven with the highest quality materials, Boroujerd rugs are of superior tribal standards and are available in colors such as red, burgundy, ivory, and navy blue, sometimes incorporating traditional floral designs.

Professional weavers in these cities use the famous asymmetrical Persian knot and may work non-stop on a single rug for many years. The materials used for weaving can be all wool, all silk, or a precise combination of the two. The rugs' foundation is usually cotton, except for very fine pieces where it is pure silk. Persian rugs produced in Kashan, Yazd, or Kerman can last several hundred years. Boroujerd rugs are typically woven in the curved Golzar style, using Shah Abbasi, Herati, and Boteh motifs and patterns in a style similar to Malayer rugs.. They often have a thick texture, dark wefts, and long piles in shades of dark red and navy blue, and are available in sizes of Zar, Nim, and Do-Zar'i with regular borders in the market.

The Pile material is 100% natural fine wool and the foundation is made of natural cotton.

Dimensions: 5'0"x3'7" - 153x110 cm



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